Hiring & Employee Management (Retiring course 5/31/23)

Laura Nelson · October 5, 2021

**this course has been merged into other courses and as of 5/31/23 this course will no longer be available as it is here. If you are wanting to complete – make sure to finish by 5/31/23


    1. Here are some sample starts for open positions to generate interest. Start with something exciting like this and then put your job requirements and “would be nice” after it. Remember not to have too many requirements (many things we think we NEED, would actually be NICE TO HAVE) because that limits the amount of people who will apply. For example, does it really matter if they have 1 year of experience versus 5. Not really? We have all hired people with a lot of experience who stunk and others with little experience who were great.

      Here are example of good starts:

      SAMPLE #1
      Do you enjoy working in a fast paced and energetic environment? We are looking for people who love to smile and love
      helping others. Our team takes great pride in providing a positive environment and experience for all of our patients. If
      you have a desire to work for the best and you can demonstrate the right background, attitude, and willingness to
      please people, we would like to hear from you. Please email your resume to XX@XX.COM

      SAMPLE #2
      Help provide an unparalleled experience on a daily basis – Join our team!
      We offer our patients:
      • Impeccable customer service
      • Great attention to detail
      • Energetic personalities
      • A positive frame of mind
      By joining us you embody the top notch service that makes us a 5 star dental practice!
      Please fax your resume, along with a note about why you would be an asset to our team to XXXXXXXXX

      SAMPLE #3
      Can you recognize people’s needs? Be attentive to what they say? Note how they act toward you so you can provide an
      appropriate response? If this sounds like you – We want you on our team!
      We strive to go above and beyond what even the most finicky patient may expect. We anticipate their needs and deliver
      to the best of our abilities. Each patient is different, so you need to be able to anticipate different expectations.
      Each member of our team is the most important asset we have to offer our patients.
      If you want to be a part of a dynamic group who strive for excellence, email your resume to XX@XX.COM

Course Information


    • You’re Ready to Hire
      • Writing a Good Job Advertisement (9:50) 
      • Reading Resumes (6:38)
      • Phone Interview (8:47)
      • Interviewing (9:17)
      • Interview Management Style (7:51)
    • You Have A New Hire
      • First Week on the Job (5:53)
      • Training Employees (7:41) 2
    • Employee Management
      • Counseling an Employee (7:22)
      • Staff Issues (8:49)
      • Dealing with Staff Issues with Tony Hatch (8:50)
      • Bonuses and Games (6:25)