Reply To: Membership Programs

  • Brittany Piatt

    November 16, 2023 at 10:48 am

    Hi there!

    Our office developed our own in-house membership plan for those patients who do not have insurance. Our specific plan is $325 (adult) and $299 (child). It is a one-time fee and is good for a year before they must renew it again to receive the benefits. The benefits we include for these patients in our plan covers 2 cleanings, check-up x-rays, 2 exams, and 20% off additional treatment (restorative, oral surgery, endo, crowns, etc.) They receive a 10% discount on orthodontics. For perio patients, they receive 2 covered perio maintenance appointments, and they will receive 20% off any further recall appointments. We have implemented this for years now and it works very well for our office!