Dental Assistant Skill Building

Laura Nelson · March 27, 2023

Welcome to our course on becoming an exceptional customer service-focused dental assistant! In any dental office, the dental assistant is truly a NINJA (“No, I Am Not Just An Assistant”), playing a vital role in delivering outstanding patient experiences, ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, and providing invaluable support to the dentist. This course is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in your role, providing exceptional customer service and becoming a well-rounded dental assistant.

Our dental assistant training course covers everything from leadership skills, to how to play a larger part in your practice, and what types of behavior are appropriate and not appropriate in the back office.

As a dental assistant, you have a direct impact on shaping the patient experience. Your interactions, attentiveness, and care contribute to patients feeling comfortable, heard, and well-cared for throughout their dental visits. This course will place a strong emphasis on customer service, guiding you to develop effective communication skills, empathy, and professionalism to deliver exceptional patient care.

Furthermore, this course recognizes the importance of cross-training and expanding your knowledge base. By gaining a comprehensive understanding of various dental office roles and procedures, you will be able to provide support to the front office team and contribute to the smooth flow of operations. This comprehensive approach aims to develop you into a versatile and valuable asset to the dental practice.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6H:23M – 6CE

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Succeeding in Your Role

New To Assisting Terminology 

Patient Details & Information

Caring for Patients

Maximizing Your Time

Dental Assistant Training Evaluation Survey

Course Information

Estimated Time: 6H:23M - 6CE

Difficulty: Beginner

    • Succeeding in Your Role
      • One Hour Webinar for New Assistants Webinar (1:13:21)
      • How Dental Assistants Can Be Leaders (28:39)
      • What a Doctor Looks for in an Assistant (9:52)
      • Anticipating Doctor’s Needs (20:33)
      • How Dental Assistants Can Have a Bigger Role in the Practice (28:39)
      • What is Appropriate or Not Appropriate in the Back Office (30:01)
    • New To Assisting Terminology 
      • Diagnostic and Preventative (6:04)
      • Restorative (7:01)
      • Missing Teeth (5:01)
      • Periodontal Overview (8:31)
      • Perio-Gum Disease (4:27)
    • Patient Details & Information
      • New Patient First Appointment (8:49)
      • Getting Patient from Waiting Area (7:28) 
      • Medical History (10:32)
      • Active Patient or Not (15:14)
      • Post Op Calls (3:17)
    • Caring for Patients
      • The Dental Assistant’s Role in the Morning Huddle (25:59)
      • Building Rapport with Patients (7:58)
      • Never Leave a Patient Alone and What to Do (8:53)
      • Making Patients Comfortable All The Time (10:31)
      • Handling Different Types of Patients (9:48)
    • Maximizing Your Time
      • Dental Assistants and Non-Patient Time (28:12)
      • Ten Bad Habits Dental Assistants Should Stop Doing (30:09)
    • Dental Assistant Training Evaluation Survey
      • Dental Assistant Training Evaluation Survey