Dentist & Office Manager Skill Building

Laura Nelson · September 9, 2021

Welcome to our course on optimizing systems, efficiency, and success in dental offices for dentists, office managers, and anyone in a leadership role! As leaders in the dental practice, your role is crucial in shaping the overall operations, productivity, and success of the office. This course is designed to provide you with the tools, strategies, and insights to enhance systems, maximize efficiency, and drive the overall success of the dental office.

In this course, we will discuss various aspects of dental office management, focusing on developing and refining effective systems that streamline workflows and improve productivity. We will explore strategies for enhancing patient scheduling, optimizing treatment planning and case acceptance, managing financial processes, and improving communication among team members.

Efficiency and productivity are essential for maintaining a thriving dental practice. We will cover topics such as time management, delegation, and performance evaluation, empowering you to effectively lead your team and ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the office. By implementing proven strategies, you will be able to reduce bottlenecks, enhance patient care, and ultimately drive the success of the practice.

Throughout the course, we will emphasize the importance of leadership and provide guidance on how to inspire and motivate your team, foster a positive work culture, and cultivate a patient-centric approach. By fostering a supportive environment and empowering your team members, you will create a foundation for long-term success and growth.

Course Instructor

Dentist and Office Manager Specific Issues

Managing A Practice

Employee and Team Issues

Leadership, Communication, & Accountability

Team Building

You’re Ready to Hire

You Have a New Hire

    • Dentist and Office Manager Specific Issues
      • What is the Doctor Looking for in an Office Manager? (6:29)
      • Office Manager Responsibilities (4:05)
      • Understanding the Doctor (6:42)
      • Tracking Against Goals (7:21)
      • Insurance Renewal (6:24) 
      • Raising Fees (7:42)
    • Managing A Practice
      • Outline for Staff Meeting  (14:04)
      • Morning Schedule Review (8:45)
      • Morning Huddle (7:28)
      • Managing Overdue Recare & Outstanding Treatment Calls (5:46)
      • Outstanding Treatment Plan Meeting (5:15)
      • Handling Patient Complaints (10:47)
      • Cancellation Policy (6:24)
      • Scheduling Policies (7:39)
      • Philosophy of Different Clinicians (13:32)
      • Handling Different Types of Patients (9:48)
      • Building Rapport with Patients (7:58)
      • Medical History (10:32)
      • Exam Protocol (10:23)
      • Consults Same Day or Bring Back (6:29)
      • Active Patient or Not (15:14)
      • Case Acceptance (1:00:51) Webinar
    • Employee and Team Issues
      • The Importance of Staff Training (2:24)
      • Implementing Change (6:49)
      • Dealing with Staff Issues(8:50)
      • Handling Gossip in the Office (7:37)
      • How to Address Dental Practice Staff Drama (52:27) Webinar
      • Counseling an Employee (7:22)
      • Courageous Leadership (49:42)
      • Office Security (8:01)
    • Leadership, Communication, & Accountability
      •  Setting the Tone for the Office (7:15) 
      • High-Level Leadership Communications (54:42) 
      • Difficult Discussions Webinar (57:54)
      •  Dental Employee Management (49:53) Webinar 
      • How Many Felonies Did You Commit Today? (1:13:31) Webinar
    • Team Building
      • Charity Events (4:04)
      • Team Building Incentives (2:52)
      • Bonuses and Games (6:25)
    • You’re Ready to Hire
      • Writing a Good Job Advertisement (9:50) 
      • Reading Resumes (6:38)
      • Phone Interview (8:47)
      • Interviewing (9:17)
      • Interview Management Style (7:51)
    • You Have a New Hire
      • First Week on the Job (5:53)
      • Training Employees (7:41) 
      • Implementing Training (9:05)
      • Counseling an Employee (7:22)