Patient Financials & Insurance

Laura Nelson · April 20, 2023

Welcome to our course on optimizing patient experience in the area of insurance and financials! This course is designed for dental professionals, particularly Financial Coordinators and those working with patient accounts, who play a crucial role in ensuring a positive financial journey for patients.

As a Financial Coordinator, your responsibilities extend beyond managing insurance interactions. You are essential in facilitating direct communication with patients about their accounts, insurance benefits, and outstanding balances. Creating a supportive environment while expressing patients’ financial obligations is paramount. By effectively managing patient accounts, you contribute to the practice’s success through timely and complete payments.

Throughout this course, we will explore proven strategies and best practices to empower you in assisting patients to comprehend their insurance benefits fully. We will emphasize the importance of collaboration, maximizing insurance coverage, and shifting the focus towards overall oral health rather than being solely driven by insurance. Our goal is to equip you with the skills to navigate the complexities of dental finances, communicate effectively, and ensure smooth financial transactions.

Course Instructor

Patient Accounts

Understanding Insurance Claims

Dealing with Insurance

Billing Insurance

Outstanding Insurance

Billing Patients

Discussing Insurance

Financial Coordinator Training Videos

    • Patient Accounts
      • Purpose of the Financial Insurance Position(7:44)
      • Responsibilities of the Financial Coordinator (5:07)
      • Duties of the Financial Coordinator (7:13)
      • Breaking Down the Patient’s Account (12:12)
      • Figuring Out Patient Balances – Patient Did Not Pay Last Time (6:50)
      • Account Balances – The Importance of Notes (7:55)
      • Family Account Billing Issues (6:08)
    • Understanding Insurance Claims
      • How Dental Codes Work (8:26)
      • Insurance Terms (7:16)
      • Benefit Breakdown Form (8:30)
      • Calculating Dental Insurance Benefits (8:40)
      • Understanding Insurance Claims (7:40)
      • Answering Dental PPO Questions (6:19)
      • Selecting Correct Insurance Information for Patient (6:42)
    • Dealing with Insurance
      • Understanding Employer vs Insurance Company (10:02)
      • Fee Schedule versus Coverage Book (8:44)
      • Coverage Book (8:17)
      • Matching the Correct Patient with the Correct EOB/Payment (4:43)
      • Sending Narratives and Additional Information (7:12)
      • Insurance Renewal (6:24) 
      • Top 5 Dental Insurance Questions Webinar (58:16)
    • Billing Insurance
      • Filing Insurance Claims (7:15)
      • Insurance Narratives versus Appeals (7:03)
      • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) (11:46)
      • Steps for Entering Insurance Payments (8:29)
      • Important Tips for Entering Insurance Checks (11:16)
      • Entering Insurance Checks (7:26)
      • Looking Ahead to Avoid Insurance Issues (11:29)
    • Outstanding Insurance
      • Insurance Claims: The Importance of Notes and How to Use Them (7:25)
      • Outstanding Insurance Claims (9:43)
      • Tips for Calling on Outstanding Insurance Claims (7:09)
      • How to Avoid Outstanding Insurance Claims (9:41)
      • Tips to Get Insurance Claims Paid (7:12)
    • Billing Patients
      • Balancing Patient Accounts (9:11)
      • Handling Patient Balances Effectively (7:20)
      • Handling and Discussing Account Balances (6:30)
      • Communicating with Patients about Insurance and Financial Obligations (12:25)
      • Being Prepared to Collect a Patient Balance (3:56)
    • Discussing Insurance
      • Introduction to HIPAA in the Dental Practice (6:14) 
      • Explaining a Balance to a Patient (10:04)
      • Efficiently Handling the Check Out Process (3:59)
      • Asking the Patient to Pay (5:11)