Getting Out Of Network

Laura Nelson · November 14, 2023

Welcome to our course on guiding you on how to best go through the process of how to decide if, when and how to get out of network. 

This course is designed to be your go-to guide for understanding not just why dental practices choose to be in-network with insurance companies, but also how to evaluate which networks are beneficial for your practice and which ones you might consider leaving. We’ll delve into the nitty-gritty of how to contact insurance companies for the transition, as well as effective communication strategies for informing your patients about these changes.

One of the key aspects we’ll focus on is preparing your team for this significant shift. Transitioning out of an insurance network is not a decision to be made overnight; it’s a process that requires careful planning, strategic thinking, and excellent verbal communication skills. Our course will provide you with the training modules to ensure that your team is well-equipped to handle questions, alleviate concerns, and maintain a positive relationship with patients during this transition period.

Knowledge is power, and the more you know going into this process, the smoother the transition will be. Whether you’re just contemplating the idea of going out-of-network or are already in the midst of the process, this course aims to make the journey as straightforward as possible. We’ll provide you with actionable steps, checklists, and even scripts to help you and your team manage this change effectively and efficiently. Join us to take control of your practice’s future today!

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Introduction To Getting Out Of Network 

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    • Introduction To Getting Out Of Network 
      • Introduction To Course (11:13) 
      • Ditch the PPO, Keep the Profit! (56:11)