How to Hire Rock Stars for Your Dental Practice

Laura Nelson · February 4, 2023

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Learn how to conquer the hiring process and hire a team full of top performers.

Step-by-Step Guidance to Master the Hiring Process at Your Dental Practice.

Designed to help you make the most of the hiring process, Front Office Rocks Founder Laura Nelson outlines the most vital aspects of searching for a new employee and how to hire a team full of high-achievers. She talks about your attitude, company culture, how to write job ads and where to place them, how to read resumes and look for red flags, how to interview candidates, and what to do when onboarding new employees.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3H:10M – 3CE

Course Information

Estimated Time: 3H:10M - 3CE

Course Instructor

How to Hire Rockstars for the Dental Practice

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Course Information

Estimated Time: 3H:10M - 3CE

    • The Hiring Process
      • Introduction to the Hiring Process (13:29)
      • Displaying the Right Attitude When Hiring (11:12)
      • When to Know It’s Time to Hire (3:50)
      • An Office Culture Built for Rockstar Employees (15:04)
      • Hiring Based on Your Practice Needs (15:56)
      • Writing Job Ads that Attract High-Performing Employees (9:46)
    • Placing Ads
      • The Protocol for Placing Job Ads (11:09)
      • Assessing Resumes and Cover Letters (14:16)
      • Separating Red-Flag Resumes from Viable Ones (20:06)
    • Interviews
      • Best Practices for Conducting Phone Interviews (16:56)
      • Preparing for Face-to-Face Interviews (26:33)
      • Tips for Interviews in Progress (6:05)
    • Training Mistakes
      • New Employee Training Mistakes to Avoid (13:43)
      • The Right Way to Onboard & Train New Employees (9:07)
      • Traits of High-Performing Teams (5:55)