Receptionist & Telephone Skills

Laura Nelson · April 14, 2023

Welcome to our course on mastering telephone skills for exceptional patient experiences in dental offices!

The telephone serves as our lifeline to the outside world, and within a dental practice, it represents the crucial first impression for all new patients. In this course, we will highlight the immense significance of telephone interactions and provide you with the tools to excel in this essential aspect of patient care.

As a dental professional, your telephone skills play a pivotal role in shaping patients’ initial perceptions of the practice. The way you handle phone calls can greatly influence patients’ overall experience and their decision to seek treatment. This course will focus on honing your abilities to create positive and memorable experiences for patients right from the first interaction.

Throughout the course, we will delve into proven techniques and best practices that will empower you to excel on the phones. You will learn effective communication strategies, active listening techniques, and the art of conveying empathy and professionalism over the phone. By mastering these skills, you will leave a lasting impression on patients, instilling confidence in the practice and fostering a sense of trust and satisfaction.

Course Instructor

Customer Service

Introduction to Dental

Reception Organization & Management

Telephone Skills & Etiquette

New Patient Calls

New Patient Appointment

    • Customer Service
      • Helping Patient From First Call to Treatment Presentation (7:29)
      • Conversations with Patients (7:04)
      • Waiting (6:04)
      • Handling Late Patients (8:21)
      • How to Handle Disgruntled Patients (7:14)
      • How to Hand Off Clients (6:49)
      • Efficiently Handling the Check Out Process (3:53)
      • The Right Amount of Communication (7:46)
    • Introduction to Dental
      • Tips for New Employees (8:38)
      • Diagnostic and Preventative (6:04)
      • Restorative (7:01)
      • Missing Teeth (5:01)
      • Perio-Gum Disease (4:27)
    • Reception Organization & Management
      • Purpose of the Receptionist (7:39)
      • How to Handle Phones in Front of Patients (5:49) 
      • Asking for Referrals (7:00)
      • Bad Etiquette (6:21)
      • Introduction to HIPAA in the Dental Practice (6:14) 
      • Handling Walk-in Salespeople (7:15)
      • Handling Walk-in Patients (4:04)
    • Telephone Skills & Etiquette
      • Phone Training (12:57)
      • How to Take a Good Message (7:26)
      • Excellent Telephone Skills (7:45)
      • How to Handle Lunches and Phone Coverage (5:01)
      • Dental Emergencies (5:16)
      • Cancellation Phone Calls (5:27)
      • How to Handle Cancellations (10:21)
      • Dealing with Cancellations (8:38)
      • 10 Ways to Decrease Last Minute Cancellations and No Shows Webinar (59:52)
      • Patients Asking for X-Rays (7:54)
    • New Patient Calls
      • Answering New Patient Calls (8:16)
      • Getting New Patients Scheduled in 48 Hours (4:44)
      • New Patient Interview (6:11)
      • How to Rock the New Patient Phone Call Webinar (58:20)
      • 5 Best Kept Secrets to Every Phone Call (57:21) Webinar
      • Answering Dental PPO Questions (6:19)
      • Second Opinion and Shoppers (5:20)
    • New Patient Appointment
      • Making a Good First Impression on Your Patients (5:16)
      • New Patient Visit (3:34)
      • New Patient Information: How to be Efficient (7:12)
      • Entering New Patient Information (8:31)
      • Picking the Right Insurance for a New Patient (6:38)