Productive Scheduling

Laura Nelson · October 5, 2021

Welcome to our course on building, maintaining, and supporting a productive schedule in the dental office! The schedule serves as the backbone of everything that happens in the dental practice. A well-run schedule can make a significant difference in patient satisfaction, team productivity, and overall office atmosphere. This course is designed to empower the team with the knowledge and skills to proactively build and manage a successful schedule that leads to happier patients, a satisfied dental team, and a sense of control over the day-to-day operations.

In this course, we will explore the critical role of the schedule and its impact on various aspects of the dental office. We will provide you with practical techniques for creating an efficient and balanced schedule that optimizes patient flow, minimizes downtime, and maximizes productivity. We will delve into strategies for effective appointment management, handling emergencies and unexpected changes, and ensuring a smooth workflow throughout the day.

Maintaining a productive schedule goes beyond just managing appointments. It also involves fostering teamwork, communication, and coordination among the entire dental team. We will address the importance of effective communication and collaboration to ensure seamless transitions between patients, enabling everyone to work cohesively towards a common goal.

By implementing the strategies and techniques discussed in this course, you will be able to create a positive and productive work environment. Happy patients, satisfied team members, and a sense of control over the day’s activities will contribute to an overall enjoyable and successful dental practice.

Course Instructor

Basics of Scheduling

Teams Impact On the Schedule

Confirmations Matter

The Doctor’s Schedule & The Hygiene Schedule

Face The Schedule Head On 

    • Basics of Scheduling
      • Duties of a Scheduler (6:53)
      • Dental Office Scheduling (6:04)
      • Block Scheduling for a Productive Doctor (7:53)
      • What is Block Scheduling? (11:46)
      • Putting Blocks into the Schedule (6:29)
      • Basics of How to Build a Productive Schedule (7:09)
      • Scheduling Policies (7:39)
      • Importance of Pre-Booking (7:26)
    • Teams Impact On the Schedule
      • Monthly Goal and Scheduling (5:37)
      • Know Your Scheduling Policy (6:41)
      • Importance of Hand Offs to Scheduler to Get Patient to Schedule (7:00)
      • Getting Patient to Schedule Next Appointment (3:10)
      • Getting Patients to Schedule Six Months (5:16)
      • Importance of Pre-Booking (7:26)
      • How to Offer an Appointment (6:52)
      • Scheduling Outstanding Treatment (8:38)
    • Confirmations Matter
      • Confirmation Calls (5:25)
      • Confirmation Calls with Patient Response (5:01)
      • Shake the Flakes (7:13)
      • Using Confirmation Calls to Fill Schedule (5:09)
      • Confirmation Suggestions and Resources (9:17)
      • Confirming Hygiene Appointments (8:55)
    • The Doctor’s Schedule & The Hygiene Schedule
      • Duties of a Hygiene Coordinator (7:09)
      • Doctor Schedule vs. Hygiene Schedule (7:12)
      • Effective Scheduling for Doctor & Hygienist (7:50)
      • Last Minute Hygiene Cancellations & No Shows (7:22)
      • Block Scheduling for a Productive Doctor (7:53)
      • Hygiene Scheduling (8:11)
      • Red Flags in the Doctor’s Schedule (6:20) 
      • Periodontal Overview (8:31)
      • Tips to Keep Hygiene Schedule Full (8:13)
    • Face The Schedule Head On 
      • Handling Scheduling Issues (7:16)
      • Using Quickfill Effectively (9:47)
      • Filling Openings in the Schedule (7:13)
      • Steps to Fill Last Minute Cancellations (8:28)
      • Overdue Recare Calls (4:13)