Scheduling Mastery

Laura Nelson · November 30, 2022

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Are you struggling with an unproductive dental office schedule that leaves your team stressed and your goals unmet? Look no further! Front Office Rocks presents the Scheduling Mastery Course, led by Laura, an expert in dental office management. This comprehensive course is designed to take schedulers, whether novice or experienced, through the entire process of creating and managing a highly productive schedule.

Why This Course is Essential

The schedule is the backbone of any dental practice; it dictates the flow of work, impacts customer satisfaction, and directly influences your bottom line. Yet, many practices overlook the importance of training their schedulers, which can lead to inefficiencies, lost revenue, and a stressed team. This course aims to rectify this oversight by providing the essential skills needed to master scheduling.

What You Will Learn

  • The Basics: Understanding the key components of a dental office schedule.
  • Prioritization: Learn which appointments should be scheduled first to maximize productivity.
  • Goal-Oriented Scheduling: Techniques for building a schedule that helps you meet and exceed your practice’s goals.
  • Handling Cancellations and No-Shows: Proactive and reactive strategies to minimize disruptions.
  • Crisis Management: What to do when your carefully planned schedule falls apart.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 2H:57M – 3CE

1 Year Access


Course Information

Estimated Time: 2H:57M - 3CE

    • Week 1: Understanding Scheduling
      • The Importance of the Schedule (6:08)
      • Attitude of a Great Scheduler (6:06)
      • Good Schedule vs. Bad Schedule (5:37)
      • Goals and Statistics of a Scheduler (6:38)
      • Duties of a Scheduler (6:46)
      • Report Names (6:23)
      • Every Office is Different (5:40)
      • Know Why You Are Doing This Training (3:11)
    • Week 2: Appointment Types
      • Types of Doctor/Hygiene Appointments (3:24)
      • Procedure Categories (5:48)
      • Importance of Knowing Appointment Types (5:46)
      • Hygiene Appointments (6:27)
      • New Patient Appointments (6:28)
      • Emergency Appointments (10:29)
    • Week 3: Why Have Scheduling Goals
      • Why Have Scheduling Goals (11:01)
      • Why Do Appointment Types Matter? (9:32)
      • Set Your Own Schedule Template (8:16)
      • Hygiene Goals (8:58)
    • Week 4: Different Types of Schedules
      • Software Scheduling Basics (14:45)
      • Don’t Leave Gaps (7:11)
      • Different Types of Schedules (16:18)
      • Building a Productive Schedule Basics (11:24)
      • Time Study (8:50)