Treatment & Case Presentation Skills

Laura Nelson · February 16, 2023

Welcome to our course on presenting treatment plans to patients with the highest chance of case acceptance! As someone responsible for presenting treatment needs to patients, your role is crucial in helping them understand their dental needs and guiding them towards accepting the recommended treatment. In this course, we will provide you with the necessary tools and techniques to effectively present treatment plans during consultations, ensuring that patients fully comprehend their options and feel confident in their decision-making process.

Your primary objective as someone presenting treatment plans is to support patients in making informed decisions about their oral health. By utilizing effective communication strategies, you can address any questions or concerns they may have, ultimately increasing the likelihood of case acceptance. This course will focus on demonstrating how to present treatment plans during consultations, equipping you with the skills to engage patients, provide clear explanations, and help them overcome any barriers or doubts they may have.

Throughout this course, we will explore proven strategies and best practices that will empower you to excel in presenting treatment plans. You will learn techniques for effective communication, active listening, and addressing patient concerns. By developing these skills, you will be able to build trust, foster patient confidence, and ultimately enhance the overall case acceptance rate.

Course Information

Estimated Time: 4H:16M – 4CE

Difficulty: Beginner


Course Instructor


Treatment Planning

Discussing Money

Patient Acceptance

Insurance Discussion

Unscheduled Treatment

Course Information

Estimated Time: 4H:16M - 4CE

Difficulty: Beginner


    • Consultations
      • Purpose of the Treatment Coordinator (8:57)
      • What Doctors Look for in a Treatment Coordinator (7:01)
      • The Importance of Consulations (6:35)
      • Introduction: How to Do Consultations Chairside (7:46)
      • Handling Patient’s Questions in Consultations (6:37)
      • Can’t it Wait? (5:49)
      • Consults Same Day or Bring Back (6:29)
    • Treatment Planning
      • Patients Need to Understand Their Treatment Plan (8:01)
      • Preparing for a Consultation/Treatment Plan Presentation (7:27)
      • Helping with Questions in Consultations (6:23)
      • Helping Patient From First Call to Treatment Presentation (7:29)
      • Dealing with a Patient Who Wants to do “Partial Treatment” (6:29)
    • Discussing Money
      • Asking the Patient to Pay (5:11)
      • Being Prepared to Collect a Patient Balance (3:56)
      • Emergency Appointment: Discussing Money Prior to Treatment (5:59)
      • Getting Patients Closed for Treatment and Finances (5:57)
    • Patient Acceptance
      • Case Acceptance Webinar (1:00:51)
      • Why Front Desk Consults Don’t Work (8:01)
      • Case Acceptance Interview with Doctors (8:31)
      • Post Op Calls (3:17)
    • Insurance Discussion
      • Calculating Dental Insurance Benefits (8:40)
      •  I am Only Doing What the Insurance Covers (7:44)
      • How to Handle the “Insurance Focused” Patient (7:19)
      • Looking Ahead to Avoid Insurance Issues (11:29)
      • Communicating with Patients about Insurance and Financial Obligations (12:25)
    • Unscheduled Treatment
      • Outstanding Treatment Plan Meeting (5:15)
      • Scheduling Outstanding Treatment (8:38)
      • Follow Up Treatment Plan Calls (4:30)
      • Following Up on Unscheduled Treatment (9:20)