Perio Basics Overview

Periodontal treatment involves a range of approaches tailored to the severity of gum issues. These include scaling and root planing for deep cleaning, surgeries like flap surgery and gum grafting for advanced cases, laser therapy, antibiotics, oral hygiene education, frequent maintenance visits, specialized medications, and even orthodontic treatment or nutritional counseling as needed. The chosen treatments aim to restore gum health, prevent disease progression, and ensure overall oral well-being.

It’s crucial for everyone on the dental team to grasp the significance of these various periodontal treatments. This understanding goes beyond just emphasizing their importance to patients; it’s about ensuring a unified approach within the dental practice. When every team member comprehends the range of treatments available and their significance, they can communicate effectively with patients, answer questions, and provide consistent guidance. This shared knowledge enhances the overall patient experience and contributes to better treatment outcomes, promoting lasting gum health and overall oral wellness.

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