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ABCs of Front Office Rocks

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How To Assign Course In Your Dashboard 

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Our Community 

Laura Nelson · August 26, 2019

Unable to listen to the video right now? Not a worry, here’s the text copy!

Click on the community in your profile and you will be able to see all Front Office Rocks members. 

There are also other communities that you’ll be able to join depending on your role in your dental office, so after this video, search for other ones you want to join also.

Within the All Front Office Rocks Community, you’ll be able to see:

  • What members are there
  • Community feed 
  • Photos
  • More to come in future videos explaining the rest

Within photos you are able to see banners that Laura has saved for you to use in your profile.  To download a banner is to click on the picture and on the bottom right is download.  Once it is  downloaded, go back to your profile and then go to the top left of the banner to change your cover photo.  

You can also update your own image the same way in the circle image to the top left of your profile. 

(Our community is more fun and engaging when people add their pictures…. Join in the fun!)

When you join a community you’ll be able to interact with other people who have the same job as you within your dental office