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ABCs of Front Office Rocks

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Navigating the Website 

Social Side Of Front Office Rocks

Implementing Training 

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Future Training

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How To Assign Course In Your Dashboard 

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My Groups 

Laura Nelson · May 16, 2023

Click on green button called My Groups.   When you click on my groups – the next page will load and it will show you the about, members and what membership you are in.   

You can edit information and rename your group, update banner and update your logo. 

Members – here you can see what type of members you have. 

You will be able to see who your group administrator is.  

You will be able to view all your members.

Invite new members by clicking on manage, type in their email address and select the type of invite you want to send (member, leader or group administrator). 

Pending invitations show on the right hand side. 

Reports – you will be able to see your members and their enrollment status. By clicking on their name.  You’ll be able to see what they have enrolled into and their progress.  

Settings– you can change the name of the group, the web address slug and the visibility.  

We highly recommend that you keep it private.  

If you have any other questions, please contact us at  and we will be happy to help you.