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ABCs of Front Office Rocks

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Navigating the Website 

Social Side Of Front Office Rocks

Implementing Training 

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Future Training

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How To Assign Course In Your Dashboard 

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Laura Nelson · December 13, 2022

Unable to listen to the video right now? Not a worry, here’s the text copy!

Conversations, which is also known as forums. 

Within conversations to be able to join other like-minded professionals just like you in  asking questions and getting answers.   

In the Front Office Rocks Members Community and in Front Office Rocks Conversations, you’ll be able to see discussions from the Admins 

For example, a message posted by our admin from Laura talking about courses we are reorganizing.  

You’ll be able to see photos shared within a conversation, download them and use them as profile pictures, banners, or whatever you like. 

Please join the conversation with a rockstar community and ask away.  It is more fun with you here!